Florida Garden Coach
... garden mentoring tailored to fit your needs
Cynthia Cay "Meems"
Serving the Tampa Bay Area
813-417-4546 ~~ Call today to set up a consultation. Or email ckg.4garden@gmail.com
www.hoeandshovel.com a garden blog for Florida gardeners
Florida yards and gardens have unique challenges.
  • With step-by-step information geared specifically for you, I offer my expertise to help you grow and beautify your garden to its full potential in Florida's distinctive gardening climate.
  • I'll partner with you and teach you how to care for and nurture your Central Florida yard and garden.
  • Together we will determine the scope of services that best suits you and your garden.
A garden coach is much more than a landscape designer.
Coach:  a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject.
  • With a personalized approach I will assist you to achieve the Florida garden of your dreams.  Let me be your private gardening mentor.
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