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... garden mentoring tailored to fit your needs
Scope of Services
Serving the Tampa Bay Area
813-417-4546 ~~ Call today to set up a consultation. Or email ckg.4garden@gmail.com
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There are many reasons to hire a garden coach.

It is my goal to help you achieve the garden you dream of having. Whether it is your landscape, a peaceful sitting area, an entry way, or a simple focal point I will work with you to make it a success.

There are many possible and fairly easy steps you can learn to help you overcome the obstacles many gardeners often experience with gardening in Florida.

Think of coaching as having your very own private tutor. As your coach, I will personally teach you best practices and simple techniques for maintaining and enjoying your gardening space. 

Engaging me as your 'Florida Garden Coach' 
will give you the increased confidence you need to become a better Florida gardener.

Here are the Basics:
  • Initial consultation will last between 1 and 1.5 hours.
  • A flat fee applies for up to 1.5 hours.
  • An hourly rate will be applied beyond 1.5 hours.
  • I come to your garden and listen to your thoughts about what you would like to accomplish in your garden.
  • I give you design ideas, recommendations and suggestions based on your specific needs.
Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • An hourly rate applies.
  • There is a 2 hour minimum rate for each follow-up session.
  • I work with you in each session teaching you as we work together. Each mentoring session will last 2-3 hours. (Possible exceptions could apply for longer sessions.)

Services Available
Cynthia will help you with just about anything you can think of that is garden related. A list of common requests includes:

  • Create focal points for interest in the garden
  • Create gardens specifically to attract butterflies and wildlife
  • Create herb or kitchen gardens
  • Create beautiful, long-lasting container gardens
  • Increase your garden's curb appeal
  • Grow a vegetable garden
  • Assist you with design for specific areas in the garden
  • Starter ideas and fresh design tips
  • Learn what grows well in sun and shade; and when to plant what in our Florida climate
  • Learn how to combine plants with best results for visual appeal
  • Learn best practices for organic gardening  and eco-friendly habits
  • Learn how to compost making the most of your garden waste
  • Low-maintenance gardening and xeriscaping options
  • Specializing in Florida friendly and native plant selections for easy care


Some helpful questions to ask yourself in determining the scope of service which interests you.

  • Would you like to spruce up a focal point in your garden or increase your curb appeal?
  • Would you like to create a butterfly garden or an herb garden but need a little guidance to get you started?
  • Do you enjoy gardening but need some help with design in specific areas in your current garden?
  • Do you need some starter ideas or fresh design tips?
  • Do you want to learn what grows well in the sun, what thrives in the shade, and/or which plants in general do well in our Florida climate?
  • Are you looking for a low-maintenance garden but aren't confident which plants will work?
  • Have you thought about incorporating more Florida-friendly or native plants into your landscaping?
  • Do you need some inspiration with designing seasonal plantings or container gardens?
  • Would you like to identify some existing plants and learn what best complements what you have growing?
Contact me: ckg.4garden@gmail.com

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