Hello, my name is Cynthia. You may know me as "Meems" from my blog. I'm excited you stopped by.  Please take a few moments to look around. 

Ever wonder what a garden coach might do to help you? Would you benefit from hiring a garden coach? My hope is that you find some answers here. 

What is a Garden Coach?

Garden :: a piece of land where you grow flowers and/or vegetables, often where you live.

  • Is your garden begging for some special attention?  
  • Do you love to garden but perhaps feel stuck when it comes to design? 
  • Maybe you've recently moved from a location north of Florida and need help with your new garden. 
  • I can help you navigate Florida's unique growing conditions. 

Coach :: a private tutor; one who instructs or trains :: to instruct, direct, or prompt

  • As a coach, I listen to your garden dreams and support you at your level of experience. 
  • You decide the areas where my coaching will help you most.
  • My lifelong Florida gardening experience empowers you to create a yard/garden that will bring you joy.