Hello, my name is Cynthia. Some of you know me as "Meems" from blogging and my Facebook garden page. I answer to both names. 

I think of myself as a gardening artist. My brain is constantly creating and envisioning garden projects. I delight in beautifying my own living spaces, indoor and outdoor. Garden coaching gives me the opportunity to help you do the same with your garden. 

I am a proud Florida native with a lifelong passion for plant life, wildlife, and life outdoors. 

Gardening in Florida is unique because the climate is unique. Floridians are able to use our outdoor living space all year long.  You will enjoy your outdoor spaces so much more when you love your garden.

With simple steps, how-to's, and best practices, I can offer you practical ways to nurture your own garden spaces and help them flourish.

Right Plant-Right Place Philosophy: 

I choose Florida-Friendly, Florida native, and tropical plants that are best suited to our climate and design a garden for your unique environment. This includes considering structure and size, as well as sunlight, water needs and other specific aesthetic factors. 

Hoe and Shovel Garden

To see photos of my personal garden and find informational tips on Florida gardening, visit my Facebook page.

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